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Deciding on Change

Oke Woodsmith built this home 20 years ago and the ensuite was typical of its time. The space became small and cramped for the busy lifestyle of the owners. Working in the same footprint , Oke Woodsmith was able to capture the true space within. A stand-alone tub and glass shower walls gave the sense of volume. It was all tied together with ceramic tiled walls and vessel sinks on an open vanity.

Time-honoured Memories

For generations, the family came to the lake near Bayfield and settled on a piece of land on the shoreline of Lake Huron. As the family grew, it became apparent that there was a need for change. The original cottage and surrounding out buildings were tired and in need of major renovations. The family decided on building and Oke Woodsmith was just what they needed. It was no small task as input from multiple family members was taken into consideration.

Afternoon Watch

This renovation was inspired by two things: the need to retire and to enjoy the north-westerly view of Lake Huron. There was also the need to expand and modernize the family cottage and make it flow for everyday life. Set high on the bank of Lake Huron, the tower was a necessity for the owner’s watchful eye for the day-to-day activities on the lake – “his afternoon watch “…

Carved in Stone

Determining the optimum location for a home on a property is a critical part of the design process – particularly when there are outstanding views of forests, rivers and ravines to take into consideration.

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