“It is hard to express how much we have loved working with the team and family at Oke Woodsmith. From the start of our project to the finish, they were professional, available, respectful … Oke Woodsmith not only built our dream home, they have become friends.

Our project was not small in scale. It took a tremendous amount of time, planning and discussion. Oke worked diligently to get our cottage done promptly with our architect and decorator from the states. Timing often was difficult because we do not have permanent residence in Canada. They were flexible and available anytime we needed them.

The craftsmanship sets them apart. The attention to detail was remarkable and the finished product is beyond our expectations. They have frequently gone back to our property to check on their work, make sure things have been operating properly and most importantly, they are always asking how we are enjoying our new cottage, has it met our expectations, are we happy.

You cannot go wrong with Oke Woodsmith. They truly deliver the highest quality and will meet and exceed your expectations.”

Connie Demkowicz
Coastal Chateau

“We liked the design, Oke came up with right away and we hardly made any changes to the original plan… It’s a beautiful home; it’s a wonderful home to live in.” Jim says

“Our home, overall, didn’t turn out to be that much smaller than the one that we had before, but the areas that we use are so much more functional,” Jackie observes

Jim and Jackie Southcott, Grand Bend
Designed For Living

“We really liked working with the Okes and all of their tradespeople…The three different foremen would always listen and work toward what we needed. They did a good job of trying to fulfill what we wanted. Their contractors were all fine people to work with, We always knew they were building for us.”

Rick and Marlene Mazur, Port Franks
Beach House Beauty

“Oke Woodsmith are professionals at what they do,” Gail says. “There are builders in this area who probably could have done it, but we wanted somebody who was professional and who mirrored our own values as far as looking at something and saying, ‘Let’s do it right.’”

Gail and Michael Walden, Kincardine
Modern Influences

“Oke was very, very creative and he knew what we wanted probably more than we did… We just talked to them about our lifestyle and what we thought we wanted. We had no idea that this was what it would look like. In the end… It really wowed me,” Trudy says. “It’s a very special home for Ian and me – it’s us, we just love it.”

Trudy and Ian Bustard, Grand Bend
Small Size, Big Impact

“I love the kitchen, it’s a great working space,” the owner says. “It’s nice to work with other people in that space. I love the great room because it feels as if we’ve gone to our own private lodge.”

“The company paid attention to the little things; even with the open area on the second floor, guests can get from their bedrooms to the bathroom without being seen from down here. Little things like that are very important.”

“We like being here so much,” the owner says. “When you’re in the city, it winds you up. When we get here, we relax and feel good.”

Grand Bend
Channelling Muskoka

“It’s important to have a good builder and have confidence in him and the workmanship,” Doris says.

“The home is everything we expected and more.”

Jim and Doris Meldrum, Kincardine

Living Without Barriers

“OWS had done a lot of extra work for us without knowing if we were going to be committing to anything,” Lisa says. “They drew up a beautiful plan and we went from there. They were really good to let us make changes.. The House.. is going to suit our lifestyle quite well because of the space and the design..”

Eric and Lisa Heinrich, Wiarton

Picture Perfect

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